About Vietnomics

Vietnomics LLC is a consutant for investors who hope to capitalize on American growth, with emphasis on the link between the U.S. and Southeast Asia as that region emerges as a global economic leader.


Vietnomics is a global investment consultancy that aims to help private investors in the U.S. and Southeast Asia maximize their investment returns by identifying opportunities including:

  • Public equities in diverse sectors with long-term growth potential in American and Southeast Asian markets.
  • Private equities in Southeast Asian frontier and emerging markets, especially Vietnam.
  • Trading in options and other investment strategies designed to take advantage of market volatility.

Vietnomics was founded in 2008 as a consulting firm that facilitated partnerships between U.S. and Vietnamese businesses, investors and other organizations. The objective was to build bridges by evaluating investment opportunities; identifying and cultivating business relationships; and assisting with education, infrastructure, and health projects. Vietnomics works with strategic partners in the U.S. and in Vietnam to assist with sourcing, importing, exporting, investing, and other business needs of people looking for higher growth and more stability than elsewhere in Asia.


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