I’ll Take My Vietnamese Pizza With Fish Sauce

A pizza war is heating up in Vietnam — with Domino’s taking aim at Pizza Hut’s dominance since entering the market six years ago.  Pizza Inn and Pepperonis are also international players in a land of noodle soup, rice and a spectacular array of dishes that are nothing like pizza.

Pizza Hut has the upper hand, with 27 shops in Hanoi, HCM City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Can Tho, as well as delivery services to customers in Hanoi and HCM City.  Domino’s is a relative newcomer, having established a presence in Vietnam two years ago and now operating 11 stores; but now the company is positioned to expand and challenge pizza Hut more aggressively.

The rivals are trying to make pizza that appeals to Vietnamese tastes, such as pizza with sausage.  Also, some of the shops are offering non-pizza items like chicken and rice.

But a business article about the pizza competition for the hearts and minds of Vietnam makes no mention of the most obvious ingredient that should be deployed to win over customers.  Most Westerners shun the pizza topping that happens to be the only ingredient in the ubiquitous fish sauce that permeates the Vietnamese diet.

That ingredient is anchovies.  And what good is a pizza without them?


One response to “I’ll Take My Vietnamese Pizza With Fish Sauce

  1. On June 30,2013 I visited Pizza Hut at 19 Le Thanh Tôn Q1. It was about 18:30. There was some guests on the first foor. My wife suggested the receptionist that she would love to come to second foor. The receptionist rejected her suggestion so my family came to other restaurant where we were welcomed. I wondered that Pizza Hut opened the restaurant to host people why you drove us away?

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