Where To Get Dog Food in Man-Eat-Dog Vietnam

Here’s a sign of the changing times in Vietnam:  an active discussion on Linked In about where to buy dog food in the central city of Danang; in the recent past, the discussion might have been about thit cho — which is to say dog meat for human consumption.

A farmer tended to his dog meat business in Bac Ninh Province near Hanoi, 2008

A butcher tended to his “hot dogs” near Hanoi in 2008

Since when does the quest for dog food take place in a country that slaughters dogs for people food?  Well, actually, for centuries.  While thit cho remains as common as chicken in some rural families, especially in the North, at least four breeds of dog unique to Vietnam are prized as pets and helpers.

Here are the breeds:

  • Bac Ha, found in the far North near the Chinese border.20130104110510-2[1]
  • Dingo Indochina, common to the Central Highlands.20130104110510-6[1]
  • Hmong docked tail, owned by ethnic minorities in the far North.20130104110510-10[1]
  • Phu Quoc, native to Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand.
  •  20130104110510-13[1]

Here’s where you can find more pictures of them:  Vietnam’s dog breeds.

If you want to sample the literal version of hot dogs, there are restaurant advertisements along the road throughout Vietnam’s rural North for thit cho along with other popular foods like pho ga (chicken soup), thit bo (beef), and cha ca (fried fish).


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