Vietnam’s Quest for Extraordinary Coffee

Vietnam’s top coffee producers are on a mission:  They want the world to top_site_international_businessembrace the Vietnam brand.  But first things first:  Step one is to prove Vietnam can produce good coffee.  The reputation will follow.

For Vietnam to grow its economy, it needs to upgrade the quality of whatever it grows and makes.  That has been a theme of this blog for more than three years.  And that is why Vietnomics is working with coffee farmers and university students to build a specialty coffee brand.

High quality coffee in Vietnam is elusive.  Last month we visited several farms in the village pictured here near the romantic city of Dalat in Lam Dong Province, We gained confidence that Vietnam and its farmers are capable of growing and processing a product that can compete with specialty coffees from around the world.

Vietnomics has created Temple Hills Coffee to help improve living conditions for farmers and their communities in Vietnam.  We are working with the Students in Free Enterprise (now known as Enactus) chapter at Economic University of Ho Chi Minh City.  The students work with coffee farmers to improve their crops and their lives.

In addition to supporting SIFE/Enactus in Saigon, Vietnam, we contribute $1 to the Catalyst Foundation or Children’s Library International, whichever our customers designate, for every pound sold.

Temple Hills currently currently has a limited supply of Vietnam specialty coffee available — and can assure customers that orders received over the next two weeks will arrive before the Christmas holiday.

Anyone who wants to help the farmers (left, center) and students (right) and sample Vietnam coffee can order it here:



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