Vietnam Adds Geothermal to its Energy Future

Vietnam is planning its first geothermal power plant in the central province of Quang Tri.  Vietnamese engineers are high on the project because it could operate 24 hours a day without being influenced by weather conditions — and could result in similar projects in most of Vietnam’s provinces and cities that would supply a meaningful portion of the country’s fast-growing energy needs.

Geothermal electricity generation, regarded as sustainable and environmentally friendly, will use hot dry rock heat mining technology to mine heat from beneath the earth’s surface.  Water pumped into hot rock becomes superheated and is extracted to generate power.

The technology is used in US, Germany and Iceland, and the US accounts for one-third of geothermal power produced in the world.  That means the Vietnam aspirations are another opportunity to bridge American technology with Vietnam needs.

More on geothermal energy in Vietnam



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