How to Get Fresh Gourmet Coffee from Vietnam

Temple Hills, Vietnomics’ online seller of high quality products from Vietnam, is pleased to announce its new shipment of Arabica beans has arrived — and thanks its customers for their patience!  Customers can order it here.

Some specialty coffee drinkers were disappointed earlier this year when Temple Hills ran out of its popular coffee — and focused on making sure it can offer the highest quality of Arabica beans without interruption.  Now that a new shipment of fresh beans has arrived in the US, Temple Hills Coffee is roasting Vietnamese coffee in America’s heartland — with American tastes in mind.

Temple Hills encourages customers to consider ordering five bags of coffee online — and share it with familty members, friends and neighbors. That way the company can provide free shipping. For smaller orders, shipping is relatively expensive, and costs have to be shared with customers.

Coffee drinkers who happen to live in Wisconsin, where Temple Hills Coffee is roasted, can get it at specialty food stores, farmers’ markets, and special events.  Here’s where our customers can get coffee off the shelves right now, all in the Milwaukee area:

  • Grasch Foods –13950 W. North Ave.
  • Sendik’s Market in Wauwatosa — 8616 W. North Ave.
  • Sendik’s Market in New Berlin — 3600 S Moorland Rd.
  • Sendik’s Market in Elm Grove — 13425 W. Watertown Plank Rd.
  • Miss Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant — 9201 W Center St.

Because these locations are convenient for only a tiny segment of Temple Hills customers, the company has committed to shipping fresh-roasted coffee to customers anywhere in the US within three days.

Customers can order Temple Hills Coffee online at a significant discount from the retail price — and shipping is FREE for five pounds or more.

Order online here: Temple Hills Coffee Orders


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