Wyoming’s New Vietnamtown

Vietnamese citizens have a passion for everything American that seems incongruous to many Americans, especially those who came of age in the Vietnam War era.  But it comes as no surprise to those who understand the VN-US affinity that it was a Vietnamese businessman who purchased an entire town in Wyoming, America’s smallest, for $900,000.

It’s also no surprise the new owner of the entire 82052 postal zip code — 10-acre Buford, WY — wants to keep a low profile.  His identity was kept secret after he outbid about 25 competitors when the town was auctioned off this month until the Vietnamese media outed Pham Dinh Nguyen, director of International Distribution Services Company (IDS) in Ho Chi Minh City.

What will he do with the Wyoming town?  Nguyen says he will use it as a base for exporting Vietnamese brands to the US, but ultimately Buford, like many communities across America, could become a magnet for Vietnamese families seeking the American lifestyle that Hollywood and relatives in the US have promoted.

More on the Vietnamese town in Wyoming


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