Time is Running out for Vietnam’s AmerAsians

The online Boston-based Global Post profiles 40-year-old Vo Van Dang, a slum-dweller in Vietnam’s largest city, and other AmerAsians who are losing hope for American visas available for children fathered by US troops during the Vietnam War.   

AmerAsian visas once came easily to Vietnamese claiming American heritage but now are down from 240 per year a decade ago to just 23 last year.  Over the years, fraudulent claims led the US government to demand proof — now often an insurmountable obstacle because records and relationships vanished before and since Congress created the special visa in 1987.

So far the US has resettled nearly 30,000 children of US troops and 80,000 of their relatives — but at least 1,000 AmerAsians remain in Vietnam, typically very poor, crowded in tenements, and shunned because their mixed-race features reveal them to be “children of the enemy.”  And now they are middle-aged. 

More on AmerAsians in Vietnam


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