Architects Envision Vietnam as a Design Fronter

The latest Architectural Record, affiliated with the American Institute of Architects, highlights Vietnam as a new frontier — complete with a slide show of spectacular projects underway and planned in Saigon, Hanoi, Danang and elsewhere. 

The magazine calls Vietnam a hot spot for Western architects and says more than 20 firms have projects there.  Among them is Chicago-based Carlos Zapata Studio’s 68-story Bitexco Financial Tower that opened in Saigon last year featuring a helipad, and the 450-room waterfront Marriott under construction in Hanoi.

Some projects are major urban planning efforts that envision new cities within cities — such as a 27-acre development in Ho Chi Minh City featuring 1,600 homes.  Another proposal calls for transforming 470 rural acres into dense urban neighborhoods in the Mekong Delta city of Long Xuyen.

More on Architectural Record’s take on Vietnam 

and a slide show on current projects


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