Software Piracy in Vietnam Rampant But Declining

Software piracy has been almost universal in Vietnam, but a new report finds the rate declined slightly last year — from 85% to 83% of personal computers, says the Business Software Alliance, a global market researcher.  The commercial value of the unlicensed software: $412 million.

The Vietnam government says it is trying to improve intellectual property protection and raise public awareness about it.  Even so, in a poor country that has yet to reach emerging market status, if Vietnamese consumers did not have pirated software on their personal computers, they wouldn’t have any software at all. 

The industry understands this, of course, and tends to look the other way for now.  Microsoft, for example, is better off with 100 million Vietnamese getting acquainted with pirated versions of its products than pirated versions of somebody else’s.

More on software piracy in Vietnam

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