Vietnam Climbing Up the Prosperity Ladder

Vietnam’s properity ranking surged 16 positions last year, making the frontier market country the world’s 61st most prosperous nation, up from 77th in 2009, according to a British research institute.  Norway ranked number one, and Zimbabwe last among the 110 economies measured using 89 variables and eight sub-indices that account for economic growth and quality of life.

The most prosperous countries in the ranking tend to be in northern Europe, where annual income and satisfaction in Norway are $53,000 per person and 95%, respectively.  The US ranks 10th.

In Asia, Singapore is most prosperous (17th) followed by Japan (18th) and Hong Kong (20th). China ranks just ahead of Vietnam at 58th and Russia just behind at 63rd.  India is 88th.

Ranking lowest in prosperity are 9 African nations and Pakistan. 

More on Vietnam’s relative prosperity


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