Forbes Analysis on Outsourcing To Vietnam

Forbes and Oxford Analytica have published articles on Vietnam as a viable alternative to China for  U.S. companies, but they highlight crucial deficiencies in the Vietnamese workforce due to problems with its education system.
Vietnam’s workforce will increase 23 million over the next two decades but Hanoi must reduce corruption and incompetence in its schools. Other issues to be addressed:

  • Skills shortage — 60% of the workforce lacks training of any sort.
  • Education system — Though 40% of Vietnamese are school age or younger, the school year is just 33 weeks and only 20% receive at least five hours of class time per day.
  • Access to education — Families have to pay for secondary school.
  • Teacher pay — Educators pressure students to participate in additional study activities in order to augment their meager salaries.
  • Foreign investors —  Companies can expect to incur significant costs for training and development and will need creative methods to retain employees.

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One response to “Forbes Analysis on Outsourcing To Vietnam

  1. yes, that is problem nowadays in Vietnam. big problem with educational system

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