Vietnam Laborers Out-Earn College Grads

A government report says Vietnam’s new college graduates are earning less than manual laborers.  Among the country’s labor force of 44 million, those with newly minted university degrees are toward the bottom of the economic ladder — earning just $2.90 a day on average — much less than the nearly $8 earned by the typical untrained laborer.

The study also finds that workers who stay in their native provinces fare better than employees in urban areas because of the cost of living — $20 per month in rural areas vs. $41 in cities.

Vietnam’s minimum wage is $36 monthly, but workers generally earn more; typical monthly wages range from $61 in agriculture and garment work to as high as $755 for some workers in aviation, petroleum, finance, mining, and health care.  Also, the report says government employees earn significantly more than workers in private enterprises.

More on Vietnam’s wage structure


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