Vietnam Cracking Down on Gender Selection

Concerned about population imbalances created by pre-natal gender selection, Vietnam plans to impose $2,000 fines on media relating to the subject.  The Ministry of Health also says parents who use ultrasound to determine the gender of a fetus so they can opt for abortion will be fined up to $833.

In addition, fines are to be imposed on anyone who provides gender-selection information to urge someone to have an abortion, as well as reproductive health workers who carry out abortions for gender-selection purposes — and their licences will be revoked for up to a year.

Fines also will be imposed for discrimination against those who only have daughters and anyone who pushes parents to have more than two children, the official government limit.

The government says 112 boys are now being born for every 100 girls in Vietnam, and two thirds of pregnant women seek gender information, mostly though ultrasound.

More on gender selection in Vietnam


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